Mothers demand action following alleged assaults at Belleville school

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Mothers demand action following alleged assaults at Belleville school

Belleville – They’re more than just disgruntled.

“I’m so angry. You have no idea.”

These mothers claim their Grade school children have been assaulted — physically, sexually and emotionally – while attending at Prince Charles Public School in Belleville.
We’ve decided not to show their faces to protect the identities of their children, aged 10 to 13.
Two of the mothers allege their daughters were sexually assaulted by a senior student in the same school — touched inappropriately last Friday.  It’s a claim Belleville police say they are currently investigating.

“Is my daughter safe and protected at this school? Do I believe that? No I don’t because this shouldn’t have happened .”

“I was horrified. Absolutely horrified that that actually happened in a school.”

The horror and anger has turned to frustration. The parents say their repeated requests for information about the incident have gone unanswered by the Hastings and Prince Edward School Board.

“These children are the victims. I have a right to know. I’m their parent but nobody will tell me nothing. They don’t know how long this child is being suspended for if he’s coming back to school.”

But it’s not the only alleged assault being investigated by the school board. This mother claims her son was bullied and wrestled to the ground during a cross country track meet earlier in the school year.
“It brings tears to my eyes. I cry. Because my son is hurting. Physically, emotionally and mentally. This is affecting him.”

These women staged this demonstration as the school day was getting started … to draw attention to their concerns about safety … but also to alert other parents.

Mandy Savery-Whiteway/ Director of Education
“Prince Charles School is a very safe school just as all of our schools in our district are. All processes are being followed.”

The board has policies and procedures that it follows when dealing with incidents that occur either in the classroom or on the school yard.
They’re outlined in this 448-pagedocument, it’s a document of procedures that the board says it’s currently following.

The director of education says the allegations are being looked into… but adds parents of students attending Prince Charles shouldn’t be concerned about their safety.

Mandy Savery-Whiteway:
“There has to be a thorough investigation and an understanding of all of the circumstances and that takes a little bit of time. Once we have that then we can make good decisions as to what will be the next step.”

But the patience of these mothers is wearing thin.

“They need to change. Something has got to change. Something has to happen.”

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