Direct Coil, expanding and hiring

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A Kingston-area manufacturer that builds heating and cooling units is planning a major expansion.
And it’s getting some money from the province to help with that.
Cabinet minister Liz Sandals visited “Direct Coil” today to announce the funding partnership.
Darryn Davis reports.

” Ontario is providing a grant of 200 and 68 thousand 6 hundred dollars to Direct Coil” A large provincial grant going to direct coil.
The loyalist township manufacturer is also putting up 2.4 million of its own money.
The company builds heating and cooling units for things like walk in coolers found in restaurants and grocery stores.
Treasury board president Liz Sandals says Direct Coil’s growth shows manufacturing isn’t dead in Ontario.
“If you look at the manufacturers in Ontario who are thriving and a lot of them are, it’s the people who invest in keeping the equipment up to date and the people who design the lines so that they have flexibility.”
Direct Coil will be expanding within its current building … doubling the size of its 80 thousand square foot plant.
The business will also be investing a significant amount of money in new equipment
“We’re adding three more fin presses, some expanders, other sheet metal equipment, there’s a whole arrange of stuff ”
“Direct coil representatives say the physical plant expansion and installation of the new equipment should be complete by fall this year and the hiring has already started.”
… adding at least 20 new jobs to a payroll that now stands at about 100 employees.
“I think it will be more than that actually, we tried to be conservative but we anticipate that number to grow.”
The expansion in capacity will allow direct coil to roll out new products and compete in markets they weren’t able to before.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Loyalist Township.

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