OPSEU campaign demands ‘We Own It’

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – OPSEU launched its new ‘We Own It’ campaign in Kingston tonight to protect Ontario’s public services from privitization. Dozens turned up to the first of many planned town hall meetings across Ontario to hear more from a panel of speakers… Ranging from local city councillors to an NDP MP from Manitoba. Many called the privatization of hydro a disaster but also touched on the risk of privatizing education, highway maintenance, liquor sales, health care and transit.

Warren “Smokey” Thomas/OPSEU President:
“To stop privatization, point it out to the public so maybe the public will speak up and go lobby to their MPP’s and get it off the table. I want all 3 parties to say publicly, before the next election, that they’re opposed to privatization and they won’t do it. That’s our goal.”

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