Another bout of messy weather hits Eastern Ontario

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s wet, cold and slippery all at once. Leaving many wishing they had simply stayed in bed this morning.

“It’s cold.”
“I mean I’m not enjoying it, but, it’s whatever.”
“I wish I was in Mexico or, like Punta Cana. So I don’t even wish I was home.”

As a massive storm front moves in towards eastern Ontario, Kingstonians are getting ready for the worst.

Bill Linnen: “We increase our road patrol and we make sure our supervisory staff and crews have the material that we need for the storm and to prepare the equipment.”

Crews were out late last night to cover arterial roads with an anti-icing agent in advance of Tuesday’s storm.

But as the day progressed, they say the hardest part was actually waiting to see what form the storm would take, as it would affect the amount of staff needed to clear up roads.

Bill Linnen: “An event like today where freezing rain and snow is anticipated, we monitor the forecast and weather radar from multiple websites on a continuous basis.”

This Canadian Tire location saw a bit more foot-traffic than it would on a regular Tuesday afternoon – its manager believes the reason is wasn’t too busy is because this isn’t Kingston’s first storm of the winter season.

Scott Barrett: “We’ve had a lot of good traffic with the other storms. So I really believe that people have some supplies at home and that they’re ready for it others are just topping up.”

But, as a store owner he’s in luck – we’re only one week into February which means there’s lots of winter left and lots of time to sell salt and shovels.

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