Sexual Assault Centre responds to assault cases deemed unfounded

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

That’s just one of a number of revelations in a 20 month probe by the Globe and Mail.
Elayne Furoy with the “Kingston Sexual Assault Centre” says the article captures a lot of information that has been known for years.
Furoy says changes have to occur in the legal system and better training needs to be provided to police, crown attorney’s and judges.
Furoy also says a huge step forward would be to adopt the “Philadelphia model” — which would have sexual assault experts review cases.

“People independent of the police who understand victimology and understand trauma, to be able to look at these cases.
It’s not meant to criticize anybody but it’s just to say are there avenues that have been left unexplored right, it’s a teaching moment, can we learn together and look at how best to prosecute these cases.”

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