GK Minor Atoms prepare for playoffs

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

There just 10-years old—-the future stars of Greater-Kingston triple “A” hockey..
The Minor-Atom Frontenacs have enjoyed a successful season and now look forward to the play-offs…

Jason Sands/ Head Coach

“Were a blue collar bunch of kids–every single kid on the team works hard–the whole bench is used..3-lines, 6 defense and we have 2 of the best goalies in the league–were well balanced with a great work ethic–were the hardest working team by far in the league and it makes me proud as a coach to have a hard working team like that.”

For these talented youngsters just making the team and representing their city has been a dream come true

Weston Ebrahim/

“It means a lot–at first–when everybody was getting cut–some of my friends–i felt, oh God, this is going to be hard but I passed that stage and got here–I’m happy..it mean a lot

Seth Fulton/

“Well its special–the people on this team deserve to be here–Sandsy and the coaches picked the team–these amazing players that tried out and were doing good so far and rep hockey is not just a league that you think your the best–you need to work as a team and you just dont think you can win it all.’


“I really enjoy my teammates–there all nice–when I’m down they always help me cheer up.”

The kids are truly blessed to have coach Sands and Mike Laughlin behind the bench..teaching hockey lessons both on and off the ice has been a top priority


“It was always instilled in me from my Dad that your going to be a person a lot longer than your going to be a hockey player and thats the main message to these kids–is respect and hard work–you can tell a lot by a kids character on the ice and there not a lot different off the ice–and if they work hard on the ice and be respectful on the ice then there going to be the same off the ice–thats the big message to our kids–were the least penalized team in the league–and as you know when I played I was’nt the least penalized guy ( laughs)..but they play hard and there very respectful of their teammates and referee’s and the other teams but that’s the biggest message–work hard, have fun and everything else will fall into place.”

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