City Green house ready to open house

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

No, this isn’t a tropical rainforest, even though it does feel like one.

This is the City of Kingston’s green house on Norman Rogers Drive.

It’s about to open it’s doors once again to the public brightening the weekends of those who need it following months of cold, snow and ice.

Karen Schinners: “We try to keep things interesting. We still have a lot of tropicals, some orchids and of course our spring bulbs.”

The green house tours are always a hit – not only because of all the colourful flowers and plants – but also because it gives people a break from the cold that waits for them outside and a taste of spring.

Karen Schinners: “People generally come in and take a deep breath. Just kind of a big gasp and they just love the feel of the air in here.”

And as for her favour blooming flower…

Karen Schinners: “I have some daffodils that I absolutely love. They have an orangey cup on them and rest of the petals are yellow – it has a lovely light fragrance. It’s just a beautiful tall straight daffodil.”

Something you can see for yourself for free during the free open houses that will run Sundays through until March 12th.

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