Phoenix Pay System: Regional Support Centre Set To Open

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Mark Gerretsen/MP, Kingston & the Islands:
“We’ll be opening a Phoenix pay centre in Kingston that will be dedicated specifically for Corrections and CFB Kingston employees”

This was welcome news to the two dozen protestors outside of Mark Gerretsen’s office, some who’ve been having problems with their paycheques for a year.

Rej Bruneau/ President, UNDE Local 641:
“It’s very stressful… We have members that are actually waking up every morning looking to see if their actual paycheck has been deposited in an hourly basis.
And when they actually do see that it is there, it’s like winning the lottery, it’s our pay and we finally get it.
So, it’s a huge stress for our members.”

Stress that may soon be lifted for three thousand local federal workers who will have access to the regional pay centre and the trained experts who will work there.

Catherine St-Georges/Federal Employee:
“It’s very exciting! Knowing that you can talk to somebody who is trained in compensation… These are all people that are coming to this pay centre who have worked in compensation in the past. Those people are also excited to work in that pay centre, again, knowing that they can make a difference and help…Because some of them have also been affected.”
The Centre is set to open almost immediately out of an office at 294 King street.
It will be operated by 15 compensation experts who are already trained in the Phoenix Pay System and have knowledge of Corrections and CFB Kingston operations.

Mark Gerretsen/MP, Kingston and the Islands:
“I think it is a great announcement by the government because it really reflects the collaboration and the amount of listening that the government is doing in this case… and responding to that.”

Employees say they will continue to protest after every pay day until the problem is totally solved, but say this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Richard McNeill/ Public Service Alliance if Canada:
“Hopefully we can move forward, and are all of our problems going to be fixed?, no, but it’s baby steps and we’re moving forward to try and help alleviate this.”

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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