Plenty of Transit Cash for Eastern Ontario

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Federal and Provincial Governments are making a big investment in public transit.     It amounts to 10-million dollars for this region with most of it going to Kingston Transit.     It means new buses, upgraded bus shelters and something new — security cameras will be installed for passenger safety.     Mike Postovit has more.
Taking it to the streets — literally.

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Working together to ensure a brighter future.     All three levels of government were on hand for the announcement.     Kingston will get 6.8 million dollars of the federal funding.

Sheila Kidd/Transportation Services Manager

“We will be investing it primarily in our fleet — we will be able to purchase 25 new buses — 18 of those buses we will use as replacement — so we’ll take older buses out of our fleet and add these to it.

And 7 of those new buses will be used to put express service along the Montreal Street corridor in 2018.     There will also be upgrades to bus stops and new transit shelters.     Also something new, the installation of on-board cameras for increased passenger safety and security.
Bryan Paterson/Kingston Mayor
“There’s no question that transit is a key priority for us — it’s a big part of our vision of making a smart and liveable city here — but transit is expensive — it’s something that the city can’t do alone, we really do rely on both provincial investment and federal investment as well.”

Mark Gerretsen/Kingston & the Islands, M.P.

“You need to build a system that people want to use — not a system that is only being used because people need to use it and that’s exactly what the city has been doing.”

An increase in ridership certainly hasn’t hurt either.     When something works it gets noticed and Kingston Transit is being noticed.


“Yeah it’s an easy investment for the federal government when they see a transit system that’s expanding the way it is in Kingston.”


“It’s a really exciting thing and it really shows that the investments that we’re making in transit are working — we’re seeing real returns to those investments and so today’s announcement is just going to enable us to do even more and we look forward to continued increases in ridership in the years to come.”

Today’s announcement also meant money for other parts of our region.     The City of Belleville is getting around 1.7 million dollars while Brockville will receive about 344 thousand.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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