Program Helps 70 Local Kids Play Hockey

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Keith/ First Shift Player:
“Shoulder pads, elbow pads, skates, helmet, gloves, shin pads, socks…”

That’s just some of the equipment provided through the First Shift Hockey Program.
Despite being only a few years old…
Bauer, Hockey Canada, and Canadian Tire have already helped hundreds of children across the country take to the ice. And for the first time, a Kingston organization is taking part and it’s huge for these kids.

Lynn Newton/ Lead Instructor, First Shift Kingston:
“We the Frontenac Fury applied as an association for a grant and we received the grant…
And what it is, is an opportunity to fund 70 kids to play hockey, to initiate a hockey program.”

The program normally includes 6 weeks of ice time.
But, with some extra dollars from the Frontenac Community Arena, the kids were able to play a full 16 week season!

Crystal Rumblot/ Parent:
“It’s a wonderful program! The opportunity that it provided for the get them out there on the ice and let them try it out.”

To get a child completely outfitted for hockey is expensive and can cost around $1000 dollars…
The First Shift Hockey Program does it all for less than 200.

Crystal Rumblot:
“My daughter was interested in Hockey last year…and that was the thing.
Did we want to spend all of the money on that equipment…Just to try it out?”

Rob Robertson/Parent:
“I think it’s a very big relief.
I mean, it can be very expensive…
Especially if they are going to be a goalie.”
It also wouldn’t be possible without volunteers! The program is 100% volunteer run, many being parents or other hockey players in the organization.
They all worked together to teach these 6-10 year olds how to skate, play hockey, and work as a team.

Lynn Newton:
“It’s just an opportunity to be inclusive of all children, have equal fair play for everyone, and just have a great foundation for initiating hockey.”

Callie Warren:
“On Sunday, the kids were able to test out their skills on Kingston Frontenacs’ ice here at the Rogers KRC.
And it was a huge hit for both the players and the parents!”

“Just like, skate and have some fun!”

“Scoring goals!
[How many goals have you scored so far?]
I don’t know!
[Too many to count?!]
100 and beyond!”

The Frontenac Fury and Flyers say they plan on applying for the program again next year after seeing ‘first hand’ what ‘First Shift’ means to local children.
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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