Napanee Entrepreneur Faces the Dragons in the Den

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A Napanee entrepreneur had a date with the “Dragons” in the “Dragons Den”.     Cole Miller — is the founder of Twelve Barrels Whiskey.     The 21 year-old got his deal — and something just as valuable, exposure.     Mike Postovit ventured to Bloomfield west of Picton to talk with the young businessman.

Preparing the mash for some whole wheat vodka.     This is the Kinsip House of Fine Spirits in Bloomfield one of the oldest craft distilleries in Ontario.     It’s also the home to Twelve Barrels Whiskey.

Cole Miller/Twelve Barrels Whiskey

“We buy it from different distilleries — and these are different products — one’s a Canadian Whiskey and one’s a rye whiskey and then we blend those two ratio’s out — the blend that we decide upon.

And it’s good — just ask the Dragons.

(Sound bite…..)


“The whole process took about a year — from when I applied until the on air date — it was about a year long so it was interesting to see it develop.”

The 21 year old got his deal — but it eventually fell through.     Looking back — he says it was a very positive experience.


“Dragons Den still gets around 1 and a half million views every week so it gets great exposure across the country of course.     I had 10’s of thousands of web site hits and face book hits and i had about 12 hundred people e-mail me or face book message.     Cole congratulations where can I get the product all the way from St. Johns to Victoria — so it was great.”

Mike Waterson/Kinsip Partner

“It’s great to work with people that are excited about what’s to come in the future.”

Mike Waterston is part of the craft distillery ownership team — he enjoys working with the 4th year Carleton University student.


“I think that it’s really important in the industry that we collaborate with each other — we’re really at the birth of a new phase at craft distilling in Ontario and — the distillery here is one of the first in the province and we really feel a responsibility to help others as they come on board.

Miller is hoping to get his product out on L.C.B.O. shelves in the not too distant future.
Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Bloomfield.

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