Kingston digs itself out of the snow

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

South Eastern Ontario was hit with a good dumping of snow over the weekend.

Snow fell for most of the day Sunday and into early Monday leaving behind 15 centimetres in Kingston and more than 20 in Brockville.

On Monday the region was digging out under sunshine.

“A little bit at a time, that’s all you can do.”

“As I said, I made it worse for myself because I waited then it started to melt and get heavy. You’ve got to get right to it, you mustn’t procrastinate.”

Something Kingston Public works crew definitely weren’t and didn’t do.

Plows were out in full force through the day Sunday – getting to as many roads as possible.

“City did well cleaning up. Now I’m just tidying up from the snow plow going by.”

City crews deal with snow events by focusing first focusing on keeping main arteries open, then they move to side-streets and finally sidewalks, leaving pedestrians to forge their own path.

“Not at all that I’ve seen. Except for the bus stop over there, but they’ll get to it. You can’t do it all at once.”
“Some are a bit slower, but I guess here our biggest challenge is getting people off the street so that they can do a complete plow.”

And that may take a few days to allow crews to completely clear all roads, streets and sidewalks and haul away the massive amount of snow that fell.

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