Kingston city staff consult business owners about Big Dig 4

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It’s never too early to start thinking about construction season in Kingston.
Just a few months after the “big dig 3” wrapped up on Princess street — city officials are planning the fourth and final leg of the project.
This one will cut right through the “hub” … up to Princess and Division streets.
Darryn Davis was on hand today, as the city met with local business owners to get their thoughts.


The fourth and final phase of the downtown’s big dig is a year away.
But the planning and consultation are already underway.
This phase will see two large blocks of Princess street ripped up between Clergy and Division — right through the entertainment area, known as the hub.
Closing the busy intersection of princess and division will be a challenge.
“How does the traffic get though to the Queen’s hospital area but also get through to the downtown. ”
The city met with dozens of business owners – who will be in the middle of the construction zone – for their input, plus whether they need electrical or water-sewer upgrades.
“If people are looking at expanding their business or the service just currently doesn’t work for them they need to get in touch with us basically now. ”
Parking is another big topic — both during and after the construction.
“What parking gets reinstated there, what types of parking, like accessible parking and on street metered parking gets put in place and how we can accommodate the loading and unloading and deliveries that are required in the area. ”
Getting business owners to agree on the best time-line for the construction work could be difficult.
Unlike the recent big dig — which ran from January to June — some prefer the next phase to occur during the summer months, when students are away.
The owner of this poutine place says the student bar crowd is a large part of his business … and he wants them to be safe at night.
“We want the fences up.
We’ll probably have to have some security down here just to protect people as they’re walking downtown, walking from bar to bar.”
While this restaurant owner would like Princess street reopened for the summer season.
“In the summer time having that patio, my windows wide open which we won’t be able to do all July and August with construction going that’s going to affect my business and every one else on our block. ”
“City staff say they will have a lot more detail about the fourth leg of the big dig once a contractor has been hired. ”
“This summer early fall at the latest so then we can have them involved in future meetings getting input and finalizing schedules, security issues what not.”
The big dig 4 is expected to start sometime in 2018 and wrap up in 2019 — ending a decade of digging and replacing the infrastructure on the downtown’s main street.
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