Quartet spreads Valentines Day Love

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Many people will exchange cards, candy or flowers with their Valentine today.     But others will try to strike a much different note with their sweetheart.     Mike Postovit explains.


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Len Matiowsky/Perpetual E-Motion

“You know it’s not your typical flowers and chocolates anymore — it’s something just a little bit different and it’s meaningful — people can get a sense of something that’s really special.

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This is Perpetual E-Motion — a Kingston barbershop quartet.     And this really is a version of the old singing telegram — tailored to Valentines Day.


“If you noticed that the close harmony that we do — that really tugs at your heart strings — never mind the actual sentiment behind the words and never mind the fact that somebody really took the time one to ask us — hired us to deliver a singing valentine to some one that’s really special to them — it’s meaningful, it’s different and it catches people by surprise.”

One such person was Janice Barker — she’s works at Kingston Mazda.

Janice Barker

“All sorts of things went through my mind — I couldn’t think who could be here to see me — so when I came around the corner and saw them — I thought — oh, oh.”

Did you enjoy it?


“I did, I did, they’re very talented -they have lovely voices — yeah just a little bit embarrassing.”

Barker enjoyed her gift — but says her husband will eventually pay.

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From dust to dawn — the singing continues — sure the day is a long-one for this foursome — but when you’re doing something you enjoy — it really isn’t work.

James Essex-McIntyre/Perpetual E-Motion

“There’s a few minutes of real solid eye contact and you can just see them — the emotion, the emotion wells-up inside of them and you can see that it just makes their whole day and it’s a really big thrill.”

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Spreading Valentines Day love one song at a time.      Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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