Refugee thankful for resettlement support from awarded organisations

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Refugee thankful for resettlement support from awarded organisations
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Kingston – It’s Hasan’s third week volunteering at this cafe inside the Kingston Community Heath Centre. A recent refugee from Syria, Hasan is embracing his new life in Canada. Speaking to us through an interpreter, he says one day he’d like work in the hospitality industry.

Voice of Interpreter: Hasan Hasan/ Syrian Refugee:
“He had an experience back in Syria in cooking and kitchens and he volunteers at the cafe every Tuesday to get Canadian experience. He is so thankful for that.”

He’s also thankful for the assistance he’s received from settlement workers and teachers who are helping him to learn English… which he’s said to be learning quite easily.

Gaitree Oogarah/Settlement Worker:
“He believes he can do a lot for himself and for the Kingston community. Give back. He always wants to give back .”

Hasan is just one of the many success stories here locally. Since the resettlement project began in the summer of 2015 over 250 Syrian refugees now call Kingston home.

Thirty organisations offer support to privately and government sponsored refugees …. such as the YMCA, KEYS Job Centre, K3C Counselling Centres and Queen’s University to name just a few.
And all of them received the highest award given by Family and Children’s Services.
The 2017 Family Advocacy Award.

Steve Woodman/Executive Director, Children’s and Family Services:
“The heart and the work that was put into that, this really made it for us an easy decision this year.”

A decision that Hasan says he can get behind.
The father of four can’t express enough, his gratitude for the Kingston community.

Voice of Interpreter: Hasan Hasan:
“They were so happy and they’ve been greeted and welcomed by everyone¬†and they’re so happy as a family here in Kingston.”

The smile says it all for Hasan.. who’s not letting the language barrier slow him down.

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