Odessa woman inspired to become a live liver donor

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Odessa woman inspired to become a live liver donor

Odessa – Brooks Lynch is going through all of her paperwork. The 34-year-oldmother of five recently became a candidate as a live organ donor. Touched by a story featured on CKWS about a woman in desperate need of a liver.

Brooks Lynch:
“I started the journey because of Kim and I’m going to finish it because of her. She’s the reason I started and unfortunately I wasn’t able to save her but I will save somebody with her help.”

This is Kimberly Silver, the Odessa woman hospitalised since December after being diagnosed with liver disease four years ago.  Silver lost her battle with the disease Sunday.

Ashley Silver:
“She fought until she couldn’t fight anymore.”

Even though a living donor was found, Silver became too sick for the transplant surgery.
Brooks Lynch was hoping she could save the woman’s life — after seeing our story, she went through a series of tests and was declared a donor candidate. Both strangers, yet ironically, they only lived a few minutes apart in the small community of Odessa.
Brooks Lynch:
“That makes it very hard to know that we were so close and there was nothing I could do until it was too late.”

SIlver’s story is unfortunately a common one across Ontario.  According to the Trillium Gift of Life Network more than 1,500 people are currently on a waiting list for a life-saving organ transplant.
And every three days — someone will die waiting for a transplant.

They’re sobering statistics hard for many to comprehend — only one in three Ontarian’s have registered their consent to donate. That’s only 31 percent of the province’s population.

And those numbers are exactly why this small business owner has decided to remain a live donor.
She’s scheduled to donate part of her liver next month …. to an anonymous patient.

Brooks Lynch:
“To be actually able to save somebody’s life whether I know them or not is going to be the most fulfilling thing I could ever imagine doing.”

Comforting words to Kim Silver’s grieving daughter.

Ashley Silver:
“It means the world. There are so many people out there.
I met so many people going through doctors appointments with my mother that say they don’t even have a chance.”
Although it was too late to save Silver, the family hopes more people like Brooks Lynch will give the gift of life.

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