Celebrating Flag Day in Bath

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Today is “Flag Day”.     In fact it was 52 years ago today that “The Maple Leaf” was first flown on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.     Students at Bath Public School helped celebrate the flag — it’s history as well as a just completed initiative to have a flag in every classroom in the Limestone District School Board.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


The Maple Leaf on the Canadian Flag has become a symbol that identifies Canadians to everyone around the world.     To many — it is Canada.

Students here at Bath Public School received a first-hand history lesson from someone who knows all about the flag.

Dr. Della Stanley
“For almost 100 years the politicians talked about a flag — but they couldn’t agree on one that everyone liked.”

That’s Dr. Della Stanley — the daughter of George Stanley a former professor at Royal Military College and designer of the flag — he worked with area member of parliament John Matheson.


“And my dad had some interest in the rules of designing flags and so Mr. Matheson said to him — send me a note and give me some ideas about what we should be looking for when we look at these hundreds and hundreds of flags.”

This was the Stanley submission — and the rest is history.     Flag Day also marked another milestone — as of this day — every classroom in the Limestone Board now has a Canadian flag.
An idea inspired right here in Bath.

Wess Garrod/School Board Trustee

“We have now put up one thousand, one hundred and 49 flags in the classrooms across the Limestone School Board.     We have to have the pride and recognization in our country and this is one way to enhance that.     We sing the national anthem every morning — we should have a flag there that they can pause and reflect on what it means to be Canadian.

Flag Day activities struck a cord with many of the students — including the older ones.

Matt Hunter/Grade 8 Student

“I like the fact it has very bold colours and it’s the symbol on the flag that represents who we are.
We have a lot of maple trees and they are commonly found in Canada and that makes them special to us.”

Ashley Groth/Grade 8 Student

I like how the flag is like a symbol of Canada and it unifies us all.     Together we are proud of our country and the flag shows our pride in our country.”

The Maple Leaf — now a daily reminder for all students and staff — and all that it symbolises at home and abroad.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Bath.

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