Sexual assault case prompts police to release ‘ride-sharing safety tips’

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – In the late hours of last Saturday night, police say a young woman was sexually assaulted by a man who posed as her car-sharing service driver.
The victim met the accused in the downtown district.
He drove her to the address she provided, the alleged assault happening along the way. The following day a 28-year-old Kingston man was arrested in relation to the case and has been charged with sexual assault.
This week police released safety advice regarding drive-sharing services.
Heather Senoran:
“Kingston Police recommend doing a little research before using any driving service. Police say, at minimum, those using the service should have the drivers name, photo and license plate number before getting into the car.”
Elayne Furoy/Executive Director, Sexual Assault Centre Kingston:
“One in three women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.”
Elayne Furoy, the executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre in Kingston says the incident brings forward the harsh reality faced by women.
She says the conversation shouldn’t be about ride sharing services it should be about why this is this happening so often.
Elayne Furoy/Executive Director, Sexual Assault Centre Kingston:
“Because certainly predators can impersonate anybody to gain access to a person’s living quarters or anything like that.”
Meantime, the incident is prompting a local cab company to call into question the ride sharing service industry as a whole, saying licensed taxis pose less risk.
Mark Greenwood/Owner,Amey’s Taxi:
“I think it’s much safer because you have a dispatch company that’s local that’s actually is watching that you can phone and say ‘I have a problem’.”
When you get into one of their cars…the drivers information should be visible and there’s surveillance cameras rolling at all times.
Mark Greenwood/Owner, Amey’s Taxi:
“Our system is fully computerized. So we know who the driver is that’s picking you up, even how fast they’re going, where they’re going.”
Kingston Police say sharing your destination and E-T-A with family or friends is a must and in no circumstance should anyone approach an unknown vehicle to try to find your ride as it could open the door to danger.

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