Ready for Kingston to Kingston Mission for High School Students

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

From one Kingston to another — and they can’t wait.     A group of high school students is getting ready to leave for Jamaica and a chance to continue their education.     Mike Postovit stopped by Holy Cross Secondary School to get their story.


Their bags are packed and they’re ready to go.     Now it’s just a matter of time before heading south.

Faith Lollar/Grade 11 Student

“I’m certainly nervous — it’s pretty far to be without my family -but we have a great group of girls, a great group of staff and i’m just so excited — it’s going to be a trip of a lifetime time, I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year.”

Marie Hulse/Teacher/Organzer
“We’ve been preparing them since September — actually we started in the summer — we’ve been volunteering at the food backs — and Salvation Army starting in the summer and so we’ve been preparing them well and i think yeah, they’re ready for the challenge now.

15 students at Holy Cross and another 3 staff members are gearing-up for what they call the Kingston to Kingston Mission.     For this group — the 7-day trip is all about giving back.

Brigette Matthias/Grade 11 Student

“It’s really important to help out whether it be in Jamaica or even in community in Kingston.
Since grade 9 we’ve learned that giving back is really important so this trip is just a great experience to show what we learned.”

Those involved will volunteer their time at a number of places in Jamaica’s Capital — including a hospital, school and even help build a new home.     They’ll also bring with them plenty of supplies and even some big ticket items like walkers and wheelchairs.


“I don’t think we can prepare ourselves for what we’ll see — I think it will be a huge culture shock — it’ll be nice to get a new perspective on life.     I think we’ll come back changed — with a new perspective and a lot of gratitude for the things we take for granted.”

The group leaves for Jamaica and a new learning experience on Friday.     Mike Postovit CKWS News, Kingston

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