The future of First Avenue Public School

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – It was just last June when students and staff gathered for the closing ceremonies of First Avenue Public school… an emotional day of goodbyes for many.
Now these students attend a brand new school.
“At Molly Brant Elementary!”
Almost a year later, former students at First Avenue are still sad to see it closed.”I think they should have kept it there. It’s one of the older schools. Good neighbourhood. Close to the houses.”
Heather Senoran:
“First Avenue Public School has been a part of the community for 70 years. Now, residents that live in the area offered their own ideas on what they’d like to see replace the shuttered school.”
“I think it should be turned into a park for children. Probably more ball diamonds and basketball courts. Maybe even a soccer field.”
The city may be looking at buying the mothballed school.
Councillors are expected to meet behind closed doors next week to discuss purchasing the former school.
If that happens… many neighbours think affordable housing would also be a good fit for the property.
“Maybe if they converted it into some low rental housing. That could be the best idea. There’s not much low rental housing in Kingston.”
“Maybe a building for more people around the area.”
“They can build it into apartment buildings for senior citizens. There seems to be a lot of seniors in the area. If would be cheaper rent, it would be good.”While details remain confidential, we know that Kingston has purchased other shuttered schools in the past.
The most recent was a catholic school at 671 brock street — bought for 2.2 million dollars. The space is now being redeveloped into housing and parkland.
Some residents say if the price is right the city should buy the Kingscourt school — rather than have it snapped up by a private developer.
“Private people who buy these things are out to make a profit. The city shouldn’t be out to make a profit and they should get into the low rental thing.”
City officials remain tight lipped about the issue and will not confirm or deny the possibility of acquiring First Avenue Public School.

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