Kingston Pickleball Tournament

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The first ever kingston “Pickleball” tournament will be held this Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Military College gymnasium…….I recently caught up with members of the Kingston “Pickleball” Club…

Deanna Hanes/

“Its the fastest growing sport in Canada–I cant say for sure North America but definitely for Canada and Kingston as well…its a combination of tennis and ping pong–a little bit of badminton–the nets are tennis height but its a badminton court with a few minor differences…its fun and its accessible–anybody can play –you dont have to be super fit or super athletic–anybody can play so that makes it quite a draw….it became quite popular with seniors but the age group is growing younger and younger but anybody with any ability or skill can come out and play–its a lot easier on your body than tennis so its becoming popular for tennis players to transition to pickleball…
As the sport increases in popularity, Hanes says the clubs long term goal is to find a place they can call their own


“Were working with the city to find a permanent space for us–dedicated courts…right now in the summer time we use tennis courts and paint our own lines on them–but were working with the city to find a space outside in the summer and were looking for a home in the winter too..right now we play in a number of different facilities in the city so it would be nice to have our own home.”

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