6 people arrested following a raid at a Kingston marijuana dispensary

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston – 4 days.  That’s how long Canna-Green on Princess Street was open before Kingston Police shut it down.  Thursday night the force’s street crime unit executed a search warrant.
It lasted almost 5 hours.

“There were quite a few drinks that are labelled to contain THC…”

This is what they found.  Large quantities of marijuana, edibles, soft drinks and other items containing THC along with 35-hundred dollars in cash.  The value of the pot alone is estimated at more than 4-thousand dollars.  Sergeant Brad Brooker says this crackdown is only the start.

Sergeant Brad Brooker, Kingston Police
“Last night was a lot of work typing the search warrant, getting the officers in and making our observations and obviously processing all the exhibits but the work starts now there’s more to do.”

On Wednesday CKWS aired a story on the opening of Canna-Green.  Staff at the store told us they specialize in selling medical marijuana in various forms to people 19 years of age and older.
Sergeant Brooker says our feature, along with additional information, is what triggered the bust.

Nikki Jhutti
“6 people were arrested during the raid – 3 men and 3 women.  4 live in Kingston and the other 2 are from Ottawa.  All are facing a number of drug related charges including trafficking. Police say 3 customers were also inside the store at the time of the search.  They were identified and then released.”

Chief Gilles Larochelle says the message is clear – until recreational marijuana is legalized officers will continue to enforce the law.

Chief Gilles Larochelle, Kingston Police
“We’re not going to permit these store fronts to operate illegally without first of all any permit or any process in place. We will continue to monitor them and as soon as information comes in we have our team working on them.”

This is all that’s left of Canna-Green.  All signage has been removed and the store cleaned out.

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