Open house held at new Providence Care hospital

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Hundreds of area residents turned up for an open house at Kingston’s new hospital this week.
The new Providence Care hospital was first approved in 2011 and is now less than two months away from being fully open.
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Shovels first hit the ground in 2013 to begin building the new Providence Care Hospital.
It will be replacing St. Mary’s of the Lake and Providence Care’s mental health services.
This week the public was invited to tour the hospital and get a first hand look at what their tax dollars got them.
Management say the hospital is reflective of a long consultative process.
“Input of patients, clients, families and community members and our staff, so really a huge team project and we’re really thrilled to be opening the doors.”
The hospital also has state of the art facilities for patient rehabilitation.
“We have a therapy pool like we currently have at St. Mary’s but we also have a new gymnasium and walking track and that’s going to really give a lot of options for indoor activity for the people we serve.”
And thanks to technology nurses and patients will have the ability to be in almost instant contact.
“All of our nurses will have systems called voice services so basically they can talk to each other throughout the whole hospital, if a patient pushes like a bell, a call bell system they say I need some assistance it will go directly to the nurse responsible for that patient.”
“The new hospital will have 270 beds which is equal to the number of in-patient beds at the two facilities it will be replacing but the real bulk of programming that’s offered here will be outpatient services.”
” We get about 30 to 40 thousand patients a year, so we have a large in patient program, we have a very large out patient program that serves seniors, it serves adults, people with disabilities a very robust very diverse program.”
Hospital based programs will be transferred to the new hospital through the month of April.
In patients will arrive on the 23rd with providence care officially fully up and running April 24th.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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