The 19th Annual Quinte Sportsman, Boat & R.V. Show is underway in Belleville

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The 19th annual Quinte Sportsman, Boat and R.V. show is nicely underway.     It was a bit of a slow start for the 3 day event.     With that — here’s Mike Postovit.


The old saying — good things come to those who wait.     Could certainly apply to the Sportsman Show.     A morning gas leak at the Wellness Centre forced vendors and the public to wait about
90 minutes to get things started.

Catharine Cox/Organizing Committee

“We were a little bit behind schedule unfortunately but we did get a lot done over our 2 days of set-up on Wednesday and Thursday but it did put us a little behind — probably a lot of people annoyed and we do apologize for that.

Peter Lyng/Belleville Facilities Manager

“The show itself was delayed unfortunately by an hour and a half — but we have to be safe — we have to make it safe for everybody — we can’t risk anybody on this.”

Over 140 vendors from all over are on hand for the event — in fact it sounds cliche but —


“Something for everybody — it really is.”

If you like boats — well — there are boats of every shape and size.     Or how about some extreme terrain vehicles including this 8 wheeler.     Or how about a 3 wheeler.     This is known as the “Slingshot”.     The largest exhibit here is this cottage.

Steve Ward/Quinte’s Isle Campark

Yes — we’re selling cottages.

It’s actually a 2 piece cottage that is assembled on site.


“It’s a roof top patio model with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms — the roof top patio allows you a view of the lake — you don’t have to be right close to the lake — but you do get a view of the lake from up here.”

Motorcycles, tractors — and cars — dozens of cars.     Even cars that aren’t really cars.

Becky Babiak/Barbeque Party in a Box

“It’s a barbeque.     We are a catering business.     We’re local here in Belleville — we do all of the cooking and we cook right on here — we come to you, we’re a mobile company.

In fact — Barbeque Party in a Box is a driving concern.


“My husband came-up with it — he dreams things all the time and he’s always coming-up with things.

The Quinte Sportsman Show wraps-up on Sunday.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Belleville.

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