200+ Athletes Play in Special Olympic Fundraiser

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

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In their largest marathon of sport tournament to date, Queen’s Motionball welcomed over 200 varsity and Special Olympic athletes.

Maddie Armstrong/Co-Chair,Queen’s Motionball:
“The point of today and Motionball in general is to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Canada. And really trying to get the younger generation involved in the cause.”

The day includes numerous activities, including basketball, bench ball, soccer, hockey, and ultimate frisbee.

Kyla Crouse/Participant:
“It’s gotten so large now it’s just something that you can’t take… you have to take part in!”
Brian Secker & Ejaz Causer/Participants:
“I’m here because Motionball is my favourite sports! [Motionball is his favourite sports]

And though raising money is a large part of the event, athletes agree it’s much more than that.

Maddie Armstrong:
“For Special Olympic athletes to then come the Queen’s basketball team or the Queen’s football team, and really just be integrated into their team… It’s an unreal experience.”

Kyla Crouse:
“Half of the individuals that are here today have been coming for years because they have such a great experience and they want to keep coming back and returning. So, I think we have a good impact on them here.”

Brian Secker & Ejaz Causer:
“[Are you here to have a little bit of a good time with your friends?]
Now is a good time with friends!”

Maddie Armstrong:
“It goes past today… It really kind of takes over your life.”

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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