RMC Hosts Model UN Conference

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Throughout the past week, the Royal Military College held it’s third annual Model United Nations Conference.

Melanie Hughes/ Officer Cadet, Royal Military College:
“For RMC it’s a great event! To A, meet new students from other universities.
It’s also an opportunity to practice our leadership and organization skills, as we run the conference.”

During the event, students were separated into teams and countries to discuss global issues.. like Cyber Warfare, Domestic Terrorism, and possible Nuclear Crisis’.

Christine Baillargeon/ Carlton University:
“I think for people who do model UN specifically, they will be wanting… We do it because we want to some day become .”

Participants say having the event at a military college offered them a unique perspective on the issues.

Melanie Hughes:
“So all these topics are all military related topics, but also in the political realm. So, it’s learning how to interact between military personnel and civilian political people.”

Callie Warren:
“And though universities say they learned lots about negotiations and politics… they say their greatest take-away was learning more about the military.”

Christine Baillargen:
“There is some stigmatization around the military I think with civilians and a misunderstanding of how they operate, how they treat one another.
And to be able to stand here and se what the students through, and how they behave, and interact with one another, how they interact with civilians, and to learn about their traditions… really helps bridge the gap between civilians and military.
And it helps, it helps me anyways, form a strong respect for the military.”

In the end, Carlton University walked away with the top delegation award. But Hughes says each university was top notch and an honour to host.

Melanie Hughes:
“All of them were very strong and definitely made, they make their universities very proud.”

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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