Maple Madness comes to the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

March break is underway…. and thousands of parents are scrambling to figure out ways to keep their children active, busy and entertained.
Here’s an idea.
Maple madness is underway this week at the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area, off Division street.
Darryn Davis paid a visit to the sugar bush today.

You’re almost guaranteed a good day when it starts with a wagon ride.
And when it ends at the sugar shack for maple madness it just doesn’t get any better. “We have our maple taffy demonstration and we also have the old time maple sugar bush chores, so you come out, use the big saws, learn how to cut the wood, empty sap buckets and learn how they used to do it before technology got involved.”
There are demonstrations on how maple syrup was first collected by North America’s indiginous people.
“The first nations people they’d put a gash in the tree and they would collect it with one of these baskets, it’s a birch bark basket.” …. these days, the sweet liquid is made in a device called the evaporator.
“Basically still you’re 19th century technology but it’s very efficient at what it does, I mean a lot of the smaller producers still use a machine very similar to this.”
And the young critics agree there’s a lot to see and do.
” We saw a puppet show we went on a wagon ride.”
“Maybe the pancakes or feeding the chickadees.”
” I like the wagon riding because it was bumpy.”
“It’s really fun and you get to have maple candy.”
“See how maple syrup was made.”
“And while many of the kids enjoy seeing the maple syrup made the real fan favourite is right here behind me and that’s where you get to have some of that maple syrup.”
Add some pancakes and hot chocolate to the mix and you just can’t lose.
“The pancakes were so good.”
“My pancakes were so good… they explode in my head.”
Maple madness runs throughout March break… and continues on weekends until the first and second of April …. at the little cat conservation area, off division street.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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