South Frontenac man is killed after his ATV Crashed through the ice on Buck Lake

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A South Frontenac man was killed after his ATV crashed through the ice on Buck Lake north of Kingston.     Police say 61-year-old Darrell Green was pronounced dead at the scene Saturday morning.     Mike Postovit reports.

It looks pretty solid — but then again — looks can be deceiving.     This is Buck Lake — Saturday’s incident happened here.

Chief Rick Chesebrough/South Frontenac Fire & Rescue

“The current temperatures that were experienced in this area currently have not been cold enough to support and sustain solid ice.     We’ve had high temperatures, we’ve had low temperatures and we’ve had a number of days where there has been rain — and these factors all contribute to the ice not being as stable as you may think it is.”

Friends of 61 year old Darrell Green of South Frontenac become concerned when he didn’t arrive to see them.     A search near the shoreline led to the grim discovery of a partly submerged ATV and a helmet.     South Frontenac Fire and Rescue pulled his body from the icy water a short distance away.     The Chief says this tragic incident demonstrates the risk of frozen lakes and the need to be cautious.


“You have to be very aware of the body of water that you’re going on — be very familiar with it.
Again checking the ice when you go out.     Not going-out alone — ensuring that you’re properly dressed for where you’re going and have some means of being able to get yourself out should you break through.

Frontenac O.P.P. is continuing it’s investigation and does not suspect foul play.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, South Frontenac Township.


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