Queen’s University receives $4.5 million in research funding

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – This is a miniaturized power supply.
Slightly larger than a grain of rice this tiny power pack can extend the battery life of a portable electronic device — while consuming less energy.

Marko Krstic/ Queen’s, PhD Student:
“You could for example use it to power a cell phone… connect it to the battery and then this will perform the power conversion for the different components.”

This technology is just one of many unique innovations developed in the Energy and Power Electronics Research labs at Queen’s University.

Praveen Jain/Canada Research Chair in Power Electronics:
“In this research we are going to double up the autonomous nano energy system which means basically we will double up on a fully autonomous energy solution for home use.”

Meaning, nano technology — like the tiny power packs being developed here — could one day power basic appliances…. from a toaster to a tv… using less energy.
And that’s just the tip of its potential.
The province is providing 4.5 million dollars to help further this type of research at the ePower lab — and many other research projects currently underway across campus.

Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“Today’s announcement is part of a 77 million dollar investment in research across Ontario. Grants will go towards equipment and operational costs for leading-edge innovation.”

Reza Moridi/Minister of Research, Innovation and Science:
“With the strategy that will translate into economical developments, into job creation — highly paid jobs — as well as training of talent.”

MPP Sophie Kiwala says these grants will go even further than stimulating the economy…

Sophie Kiwala/MPP, Kingston and the Islands:
“They do make sure there is vitality and sustainability within our institutions but they’re also improving the lives of individuals as well.”

The minister who handed out the grant says Queen’s was an obvious candidate, based on its reputation as one of the world’s leading research institutions.
…. where big ideas often come in super small packages.

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