Trapped Travelers following a deadly 401 pile-up

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Jonathan Perrier has been driving truck for three years.
Traveling between Gatineau and Toronto he was one of the many drivers forced to detour during Tuesday’s fatal crash.
Jonathan Perrier, Trucker:
“As soon as we arrived in Mallorytown all the traffic stopped and there were a couple of trucks that hit each other right there so we went around at the MalloryTown OnRoute. It took us about an hour to get back out of there and about half an hour to get to the detour ”

Another trucker says the accident put the brakes on his run.

Rob Farrer, Trucker:
“I was in Glengarry there and ended up pulling off the highway and talking to another driver, he told me that we had a closure just past the 730 so I figured I’d stop for the night and try it again when I had some daylight. ”

Hamilton trucker Ian Meville died in the pileup. Fellow drivers say the tragedy hits close to home.
Raymond Lacelle, Trucker:
“When you hear someone has been killed in an accident you kind of sit back and think wow that could be me, we have families to go home to. It hits home hard.”

There are no rules or regulations that say truck drivers, including those carrying potentially dangerous loads, must park their rigs when the weather gets bad.

Rob Jackson, Senior Driver Trainer, Humber College
“The drivers have to come down and make that final decision regardless of what delivery schedules and companies say, it’s there lives.”

This highway rest stop was busy, once commuters got through the lengthy detours.

Jonna Semple Standup
“Many people who I spoke with here today say the detour took 2 or more hours. And it wasn’t just truck drivers who got stranded and delayed. It was also families.”

Clip-Annette Szucs, Commuter
“It took us over an hour just to get off the 401 to the detoured area and once we did get off it was just bumper to bumper.”

Clip-Andre Lutala, Commuter
‘I wasn’t expecting there to be a detour so it ended up being almost an hour and a half. It took more than an hour out of my trip.”

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