Dresses4Prom gears up for year 3

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Daniela Cino, Founder, Dresses4Prom:
“These are the type of dresses that we’re looking for. We’re looking for short ones, long ones, all in different colours..different sizes…”

Daneila Cino knows all the ins and outs of Prom Dresses.
This is the third year the Queen’s student has put on her event Dresses 4 Prom.

Daniela Cino, Founder, Dresses4Prom:
“When I saw that some girls weren’t able to go to prom in my area that I lived in before, it was really important that when I moved I thought how can I help the community where I’m just settling in and help all these girls who might not be able to go to prom, allow them the experience.”
Over the past two years Cino has helped about 200 area high school students find a dress that they wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Jonna Semple:
“Cino has made such an impact on the community that last July she was honoured with the 2016 Civic Award presented by the Mayor on Canada Day for her volunteerism.
An award that Cino says she she can’t accept alone.

Daniela Cino:
“It goes to everyone else that has supported Dresses4Prom, whether that be people who donated their dresses, the volunteers that have donated their time, local businesses. There’s so many people that that award goes out to.”

Businesses like Bridal Creations donate dozens of new prom dresses worth thousands of dollars every year.

Stephen Murano-Owner, Bridal Creations:
“Prom is your first real special day I think. For every girl out there Prom is always and should always and hopefully is a big deal in their lives. So for us, it makes us feel good. My mom started it. It makes me feel good giving back.”

As long as girls are in grade 12 and have a valid student card they’re invited to choose from over three hundred dresses.

The formal wear is worn for the big night, and then returned and dry cleaned for future use.
Dress and monetary donations can be dropped off at the Cataraqui Centre as well as the Corus building at 170 queen street until March 31st.

Cino says all the hard work is made worth it when she hears that bell and knows another dress dream has come true. This years event takes place April 30th at the Delta Hotel.

-Jonna Semple, CKWS News, Kingston

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