Kevin O’Leary Talks Jobs in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
“I’m going to win this leadership race… And then I am going to shine the light of transparency and accountability on Justin Trudeau for the next two years, and make his life a living hell”

Strong words from Conservative candidate, Kevin O’Leary during a stop at Queen’s University.

Kevin O’Leary/ Conservative Party Leadership Candidate:
“I want to motivate these young people to get involved in politics because it allows them to actually determine their own destiny. Which is something that is very important when you are just starting out in life, like these people are.”

Craig Draeger/ President, Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association:
“Students are engaged in the political process. We had a great mix of students and other members of the Kingston community here today. I was really happy to see that, because it’s great to bring those communities together.”

O’Leary proved to be a big draw on campus.
Nearly 1000 people attended his talk, filling the largest hall at Queens:

Craig Draeger:
“We heard a tremendous response from the students in the commerce faculty and the Smith School of Business, people that were interested in his business background. He gave a lot of answers tonight that talked about his business background, and also, of course, the campaign that he’s running for the leadership of the Conservative Party.”

O’Leary decided with the young crowd of future job seekers to focus on a topic important to many…employment.

Kevin O’Leary:
“What they all want to know is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,and what about jobs. And that’s where there is such a huge opportunity.”

But the event didn’t go off without a hitch… a masked protestor burst into the hall before being hauled away by security.

[SOT – protestor]

O’Leary and the other 13 candidates only have a couple of weeks left to sign up new Conservative members, who will vote for the new leader of the party in May.
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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