Recent Wintery Weather means it’s time to take a Snow Survey on the Rideau Canal

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Rideau Canal officials are busy following our most recent snow fall.     In fact members of the Parks Canada Water Management team were out earlier today along the National Historic Site.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


This is the upper lock at Jones Falls.     Obviously empty now — but that will all change as the boating season gets ever closer.     It’s also here — where work to help manage the waterway is taking place, now.     These two are involved in a snow survey following our most recent blast of wintery weather.

Dustin Bulloch/Parks Canada
“By having this kind of information we’ll be able to determine what kind of adjustments we’re going to make on our dams here at Jones Falls as well as other lock stations through out the system.”

That’s Dustin Bulloch.     He’s the Northern Sector Manager of Ontario Waterways with the Rideau Canal and Parks Canada.     He and Colin Clarke are doing the survey.


“This time of the year we’re doing water controlling preparation for the summer.     The snow’s melting — we’re preparing for spring rain so we’re going to be capturing those levels as they rise in order to build-up or reservoir lakes that are going to feed the system through-out the summer so well as we’re going to be running an excess water in order to prevent flooding or anything of that nature.”

Bulloch says water management doesn’t only happen now or during the boating season — in fact all involved have to be aware 24-7, 365 days a year.


“The canal would be closed if we’re not doing proper water management because the locks would not have enough water to operate or have too much.     So it’s a very important role if we want to maintain the lakes and the river sections on the Rideau as well as provide for the drinking water for some of the towns along the way as well as hydro generation on both the Rideau side and the Cataraqui side — yeah it’s very important.”

The canal opens the Victoria Day long weekend.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Jones Falls.

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