Sailing community questions Penitentiary & Harbour vision

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
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The latest vision for the Kingston pen and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour strikes the right balance according to some while others call it disappointing.
For some involved with CORK Kingston’s largest sailing regatta the plan as it stands could spell the end of the event.
Darryn Davis has more…

Earlier this month Kingstonians had a chance to see the latest vision for the redevelopment of Kingston penitentiary.
The consultation process involved input from over a thousand residents and user groups.
“It’s got a piece that allows for tourism, it’s got something that could allow for sailing infrastructure which i think is important, there is some commercial and residential development that’s contemplated.”
But for some in the sailing community the vision so far doesn’t meet their needs.
At least one CORK volunteer questions the current plans saying it puts the annual regatta in jeopardy.
“We currently have three docks available for boats to launch at Portsmouth Olympic harbour. The new vision reduces that to one. It makes, it absolutely makes the regatta not viable.”

“The plan put forward by the consultants also calls for residential development in this general area. A wide open space traditionally used by sailors to store their sailboats and prepare them for competition.”
“When lazer masters were here that was 300 boats so where would we put them. So in the current visioning there’s just not the space we need to be able to store boats and allow sailors to prepare their boats and give them the space to do that.”
The mayor remains optimistic there is still time to relay concerns about the current plans to the consultants.
“I believe that there is a survey and open comment that people can address electronically to the consultants that are guiding this process.”
The final vision for Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour is expected to be completed and presented to the public sometime in May or June.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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