St. Patrick’s day street party

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s not on the curriculum….but it’s a big deal for students in Kingston. To them….it’s a holiday on par with Christmas.

Clip- “Honestly, last night it felt like Christmas Eve, that’s how it feels like here, that’s the experience.

Clip- “It’s kind of like Christmas morning except you wake up with alcohol instead of presents.
You have alcohol for breakfast.”

Clip- “This is one of the best times of the year”

A wall of green packed Aberdeen Street in the heart of the student ghetto. There was a heavy police presence keeping students off main roadways, issuing tickets even making arrests.

Jonna Semple: “Dozens of extra police officers are called in on St.
Patrick’s Day for reinforcement in fact by the breakfast hour Aberdeen was already closed and the party was wild.”

Staff Sergeant Matt Funnell’s task is to keep an eye on Aberdeen Street from a mobile command centre. he says every year poses it’s own challenges.

Staff Sergeant Matt Funnell

“The hardest part is that it’s unpredictable. They do a lot of things that are unfortunately not overly safe. There’s too much alcohol consumption, they climb up onto the roof tops, porches, throw snow balls and bottles so that’s the concern all the time. But basically we want them to assemble, be safe, and make wise decisions.”

But making wise decisions is tough when lots of alcohol is involved. Back at the street party, these students say they’re here for a good time and to blow off steam…not to create trouble.

Clip- “I just want everyone to stay safe and responsible.” The key is to stay hydrated”

Clip- “There’s a big hype about how Queen’s is disrespectful to the community but I believe that everybody is just out here for a good time and I appreciate that.”

And having a good time was definitely the goal of everyone here today.

clip- “It’s a beautiful day after midterms, the wether is awesome.
Queen’s University is the place to be.”

clip- “Today we’re feeling lucky. Sun’s out, guns out.”

Jonna Semple, CKWS News

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