Police Respond To Multiple Prank Bomb Theats

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Those who made it out to the bars Friday night, got a little surprise.

Kingston Police have confirmed that they responded to multiple bomb threats between midnight and 2am Saturday morning. The area around Princess and Division was shut down while police investigated the calls which involved two establishments.
After an investigation, police confirmed the threats were not credible and they cleared the area.
Officers say they are looking into those responsible and plan to lay criminal charges.


Constable Cam Mack/Kingston Police:
“Clearly it’s a very concerning act for someone to do something like this because it ties up a great number of emergency resources.
And when those emergency resources are tied up dealing with that incident… they are still available for another emergency call, but that response might be delayed a bit, and it may be a little less than we’d like to provide because of how many are tied up in those incidents.”

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