Former Gananoque Mayor Sylvia Fletcher-Thomas Dies at the age of 68

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Tributes are coming in tonight for Gananoque’s first female mayor.     Sylvia Fletcher-Thomas has died at the age of 68.     Those who worked with Fletcher-Thomas describe her as a friendly mayor who loved the town and was a champion of open government.     During her two terms as mayor — Fletcher-Thomas also brought a casino to town.     Mike Postovit has more on her political legacy.


When it came to politics — Sylvia Fletcher Thomas loved what she did.     And everyone around her knew it.

Cindy Wrong/Daughter
“Mom wanted to make a difference — it was all about making things better for people and making the world a better place and her world, her Gananoque better.”

The eldest of 12 children — she was 1st elected to Gananoque council back in 1994.     She then served 2 terms as mayor — the first female mayor in the town’s history.

“She’s quite a role model — she broke that barrier and was successful.”

Jim Garrah/Former Gananoque Mayor

“I think of her as a really nice person — a person who really liked Gananoque, liked the people in Gananoque — knew almost everybody in Gananoque.”

During her time as mayor — Fletcher Thomas dealt with a number of issues including the construction of the emergency services building on Herbert Street — as well as the casino.
This former mayor says Fletcher Thomas definitely had vision.


“There’s a major park that we have on the waterfront — when that was purchased — that’s a 100 year decision — it’s there and it’s going to be there for a long, long time.     The police – fire station — it’s going to be there a long, long time.     The casino — that contributes so much money to Gananoque over the years we hope will be there a long, long time.     1.7 million every year is not chump change and Sylvie can take credit for a lot of that.”


“She had this amazing energy — people said it over the weekend — she would light-up a room.

Sylvia Fletcher Thomas was 68 years old.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Gananoque.

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