Free-ride for vacancies about to end in Belleville

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Commercial property owners in the friendly city might want to think twice before allowing one of their units sit vacant.

Councillors voted in favour of axing the ‘vacant unit rebate’.┬áThe plan saw landlords receive a monetary rebate if their unit sat vacant.

Councillor Paul Carr spoke against the plan – saying it rewarded property owners who neglected to take care of their assets – and contributed to so many vacant storefronts, downtown.

Paul Carr: “We look at Downtown, we’ve got a very high vacancy rate in the commercial sector. And it’s been ongoing for some time. There’s certain tools that other municipalities are starting to roll out – and I’ve done some research and these prove to be effective – so we’re going to incorporate these ideas within the City of Belleville.”

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