Trenton business set to move now staying

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Green Terra in Trenton builds eco-friendly modular homes … and business has been good.
To the point where the business is expanding …. but issues with the city led the company to look elsewhere.
Last week, Green Terra announced it was relocating to Port Hope … laying off 80 of its 140 employees.
But as Darryn Davis found out, the company and city staff held an 11th hour meeting today and Green Terra is staying in Trenton.

Expanding your business because demand is high should be good news and that’s what management at Green Terra thought.
They made plans to move from their current 50 thousand square foot factory here on Douglas street to this old General Electric plant that sat unused for decades.
Green Terra is spending half a million dollars to make the plant usable again.
“Just fixing it up, being usable for us, eventually we’ll be putting solar systems on the roof.”
But Green Terra management say the municipality was insisting that part of the old G.E. plant had to be brought up to code for office space even though Green Terra says there are no plans for offices on the site.
A prospect that would have added millions of dollars to the renovation.
“Would have had to rip off the whole front of the building, redo the whole windowing system, redo the whole roofing system for insulation ”
As a result, last week Green Terra announced it was moving to port hope and laid off 80 of it’s 140 employees.
Now, after several weeks of trying to meet with the city, Green Terra management got their wish and ironed out a deal this morning.
Quinte Wests mayor says the misunderstanding was a communication break down.
“Communication is a big part of everything we do, making sure that we communicate clearly and make sure that the people who are doing the work understand clearly what the communication is. that’s often where it breaks down.”
“Lacroix says he’s happy that the company will be staying in Trenton. He’s also looking forward to making the call to the employees that were laid off to let them know they’ll have jobs once again. ”
“It was very hard laying people off and it’s going to be tremendous for me to be able to call people back. ”
Lacroix says they plan to have a grand opening of their new facility at the start of April.
The laid off employees are expected to return to work shortly after.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Trenton.

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