Heavy rain in the region continues…

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Conservation authorities are keeping a close watch on water levels.
They are rising quickly due to the latest round of heavy rain.
Low lying areas could experience some flooding.
Darryn Davis looks at how people are coping with the wet stuff.

It’s the type of day that makes you want to stay inside.
And for commuters, it’s been tough to stay dry.
“It’s horrible.”
“I was at the dentist so I walked here, so my pants are kind of completely wet now, my jackets going to soak through soon.”
” I’m ready for some warm weather yeah man, sunny skies and happy days right.”
The region is getting soaked by the second big rain storm this week.
The ground, already saturated from the first rainfall, can’t absorb what’s falling today.
The conservation authority says the risk of serious flooding isn’t high …. but water levels are rising.
“Stay away from fast flowing water, be careful if they have to go near creek banks, stream banks, near lake banks that sort of thing. There are some lakes that still look like they have ice on them I don’t think it’s advisable for anyone to be out on the ice at this point of the year.”
“Watt adds the rain has been keeping water managers busy regulating lake levels which are rising and are expected to continue to do so into next week.”
“All week they’ve been moving logs around, moving gates that sort of thing and they’re a little bit worried about how much rain we’re getting and they’re expecting all of the lakes across our region to be on the high side over the coming days. ”
And while people are doing their best trudging through the soggy conditions… taxi driver Jerry Lunn isn’t crying in the rain.
He says this weather is good for business.
“Oh it gets busier in the rain, but it’s a lot of shorties and all that stuff. I just don’t want to be down in Newfoundland because I don’t want to run all kinds of run in that snow.”
You’re right Gerry… it could always be worse.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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