Police speak to Beverly Street assault

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

For the first time Kingston Police have released information about a violent attack on Beverly Street that set in motion a tense 9 hour-standoff in Kingston’s north end.

D/Cst. Clint Wills: “When we arrived, we learned that a male had assaulted his estranged spouse.”

Police say it all begin at around 3 o’clock Monday afternoon shortly after the suspect was seen driving his vehicle up and down Beverley Street.

The victim was on her way home from work, walking her bicycle towards Union Street, when her estranged partner spotted her, got out of his vehicle and began beating her with the butt end of a shotgun.

According to police the suspect tried to drag the woman into the vehicle, but she was able to free herself and run to a nearby home. That’s when two shots were fired.

D/Cst. Clint Wills: “Luckily the shots missed the woman. Just missed the woman.
The injuries she received were from when she was hit with a part of the gun. Assaulted with part of the gun.”

This Queen’s University student lives in the home where the woman ran to and watched in horror from a window as the event unfolded.

Michayla Manning: “She like, kind of ran up this run unit’s steps. Trying to get in the door, trying to get away from him. I mean the steps were just covered in blood – the gunshot went through their window.”

She says she waited until the man had left the scene before coming to the woman’s aid.

Michayla Manning: “I didn’t think that he was going to come in and go after me but I was scared to go out because I knew he had a gun. Honestly, I didn’t know if he had shot her or not before I went out there.”

The Sexual Assault Centre for Kingston says victims of domestic violence are actually most vulnerable after they leave an abusive relationship – and domestic abuse does not know age, race or social standing.

Elayne Furoy: “We have a hard time believing that good people, people that we care about or people that we deem to be ‘good people’ can – or are capable of acts of violence.”

Police are not releasing any information about the condition of the victim, other than her injuries are not life threatening.

Multiple sources who were at the scene that day have told CKWS that the victim was hit several times with the butt end of the shot gun, knocking out several of her teeth.

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