Residents Voice Concerns About Proposed West-End Subdivision

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A new development in Kingston’s Bayridge/Collins Bay district is back up for discussion after years of alterations.
Despite changes to the plan, residents still aren’t happy about it.

A development request was first submitted 4 years ago for an area at the end of Graceland Avenue, off Lincoln Drive.
The plan includes 45 single family homes, a park, and stormwater management pond, along with a new road linking Forest Hill drive from east to west.
At a public meeting tonight residents voiced concerns about losing wooded area, increased traffic, and the development’s proximity to the railway along Bath rd.

“The type of house that would be constructed along the railway tracks, would not be consistent in value with existing homes for obvious reasons.
Concerns about property values remain.”

“We have a stable neighbourhood, and so, why should we lose the layout of our neighbourhood.”

“Now I understand there are lots of rules and regulations about blasting, and that they will inspect it [local homes] before and after…
My concern is what happens half a year later, a full year later… all of a sudden there is water in there.”

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