Behind the Scenes with Call Takers and Ambulance Dispatchers her in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

They serve as the first critical contact between the public and emergency responders.     We’re talking about the 911 dispatchers.     Next week is a time set aside to recognize the call takers and ambulance dispatchers in a job that’s often filled with stress.     Mike Postovit goes behind the scenes.


This is the Kingston Central Ambulance Communications Centre.     It’s here where the emergency services process begins.

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Mark Halladay/Centre Director

“My call takers — they will do an average of up to a hundred different calls a day — per shift — in a 12 hour shift — so they really need to be able to focus — their tools are their voice and their quick thing.”

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Anita Pearce/Ambulance Communications Officer

“You need to be able to stay calm — you need to be able to filter some of the emotion and the stress that you’re getting on the other side of the line.     There is a technical capacity as well.”

The centre services all of Southeastern Ontario.     From Trenton to Ottawa — an area of about 20 thousand square kilometres with a population of well over half a million people.


“We sent an ambulance out last year just over 101 thousand times in our region — so yes it’s very busy for the staff here.

Busy — and also extremely fulfilling.

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“There are so many talented people who I work with — and they could excel at a million other things but they choose to be here because they want to serve — and they are motived to help other people.”

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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