Pothole season is underway

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The spring thaw is revealing a winter’s worth of road damage.
Yes, pothole season has arrived.
And while city crews are busy patching the road hazards — the C-A-A today launched its annual ‘worst roads survey”… a chance for motorists to have their say on which roads should get more attention.
Darryn Davis reports.

Driving over a pothole can be teeth rattling, suspension killing experience.
” It is definitely pothole season and spring is the worst time for pot holes.”
Filling pot holes — like these ones on Abbey Dawn road — is not just a spring-time experience … but a year-round job for public works crews.
And that’s because they start forming in the winter.
When water gets in cracks in the asphalt and freezes …the water expands breaking up the pavement.
” As that freeze thaw happens it further distresses the cracks in the asphalt and eventually it will weaken it and create a pothole.”
“Public works has staff out on the roads patrolling looking for potholes that need to be attended to, but Linnen adds they’re also happy to hear from the public if they spot a pothole that needs to be dealt with.”
“Once we’re aware that the pothole exists it could be that we’ve already identified it through road patrol, but perhaps not and we’ll assign it to crews for action.”
And it’s not just the city that wants to hear from the public.
The C-A-A has just launched its annual ‘worst roads’ campaign … and last year’s winner across ontario was actually from thisregion.
” The worst road in Ontario was county road 49 and that was in Prince Edward County.”
But the CAA is looking at more than potholes when determining the province’s worst roads.
“We’re looking for those congestion related issues.
We’re looking for any missing or confusing road signs on your commute, so all these things really make up a bad road it’s not just simply about potholes.”
You can nominate or vote for the worst road on the CAA’s website until may 1st.
…. or you can just try to steer clear of these spring-time hazards.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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