Winning the Kinsmen Dream Home

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Winning the Kinsmen Dream Home

There’s a lot to take in and examine as Sue Hager tours her brand new home.
She is the grand prize winner of this year’s Kinsmen Dream Home Lottery.

Hager doesn’t consider herself a lucky person and doesn’t play the dream home lottery often either–but after seeing this year’s home online she knew she needed one of the 6,000 tickets up for grabs.

Sue Hanger – Kinsmen Dream Home Winner:
‘It spoke to me and I thought gee, I could live there so I took a ticket and it was everything I thought when I took the walk- through”

Hager was informed she had won Sunday’s draw for the 550-thousand home off Augusta Drive in the Cataraqui North subdivision through a voicemail message.
At first, she thought her friends were pulling a prank.

Sue Hager:
“I didn’t believe at first but I decided to take a shot and decided to call and i heard voices and movement in the background as if there was a party or something–that made me even more suspicious. And I wasn’t totally convinced for quite a while let’s put it that way.”

Jonna Semple:
“Last year the Kinsmen Dream Home raised about 280 thousand dollars for local charities and this year. Officials expect similar things.”

Ryan Hanes:
“Last year we did 90 thousand dollars for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Food banks, St. Vincent De Paul, the Cancer Society, Loving Spoonful. We really try to keep the money local and across a spectrum of different charities so the impact is felt across the city.”

The Dream Home’s ongoing support of community projects makes the win sweeter for Hager — who plans to move in to the 22-hundred square foot home.

Sue Hager:
“When I have to start vacuuming and dusting I realize it’s for real.”

Jonna Semple CKWS News Kingston

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