Dawn House Break-in causes 60k in damages

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston – It’s an emotional day for Maggie McLaren and Heather Humber.  On Monday they got the call that the new Dawn House building on Milford Drive had been broken into and vandalized ON Sunday afternoon.  Electrical wiring was cut and stolen from a number of the rooms – even a live wire hooking up the furnace was sliced.  The damage may look minimal but fixing it is a big job.

Heather Humber/Front Line Crisis Counsellor
“Any of the areas that are in the finishing stages will then have to be dismantled. De-construction. So you’re tearing everything back to its framing in order to track the wires, rerun all of the electrical.”

McLaren says thieves broke in through a main floor window.  The agency is looking at a hefty price tag to tear down the drywall and replace the wiring.

Maggie McLaren/Executive Director
“So we’re looking at you know about 60-thousand dollars worth of damage that was done here.”

Dawn House staff were supposed to move into their new offices after Easter.  That’s now been pushed back.  So could the June move-in date for women.

Heather Humber/Front Line Crisis Counsellor
“Every week, every month that the build is delayed for those women that is one more day, one more week, potentially one more month either in a shelter, sleeping rough, couch surfing or living in an unsafe situation that they can’t leave because they need somewhere to go to.”

Dawn House closed its Victoria Street shelter back in March 2016.  Since then they’ve been working out of various offices and homes.  Once the new 2-million dollar facility which focuses on providing affordable, supportive housing opens… it will feature a 7 room transitional shelter, community space and 9 bachelor style apartments.

And even though McLaren and Humber say the break in is disheartening – they’re ready to move on and get the doors open to help women in need.

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