Fire destroys Cardinal truck stop

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Fire investigators are searching through the rubble of a highway truck stop that went up in flames on the weekend.
Damage to the “730 Truck Stop” in Cardinal could top one million dollars.
As Darryn Davis reports, no one was seriously hurt — but the fire has thrown dozens of out of work.


This is what’s left of the 730 truck stop near Cardinal.
A large commercial building near the 401 is reduced to rubble… after a fire on Saturday night.
Tthese pictures show just how intense it was burning when fire fighters were called in.
They tried to enter the building, but quickly pulled out.
” It was only about ten minutes or so and the floor started to give way so we had to withdraw from the building for our safety.”
Moore says it took close to 12 hours to fully extinguish the blaze.
One woman suffered minor injuries.
“The fire marshal’s office is now on scene trying to determine the cause of the fire.
They say the investigation could take several more days before it yields any results but they do have one potential lead they’re following closely.”
They’re looking into reports of an explosion around the time of the inferno.
“Anything to do with the natural gas system for the structure so that would include the piping any of the valves as well as the natural gas appliances themselves. ”
Investigators say the damage could be around a million dollars.
The O.P.P. is also on scene.
“We’re assisting the fire marshal at this point with the investigation as far as interviews and what not.”
Edwardsburgh Cardinal’s mayor says the fire is a blow to the community.
The truck stop was a hub for transport drivers…. but also a gathering place for local residents.
The building housed a restaurant, retail store, insurance company, hair salon and other offices.
All of it went up in flames.
“Somewhere between 25 and 35 people employed here and of course our thoughts go out to all of those people who find themselves without jobs on monday morning.”
Fortunately, fire officials stopped the flames from reaching the nearby gas station…. about the only service still running.
The mayor says it’s too soon to say if or when the truck stop will be rebuilt.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Cardinal.

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