Local study finds link between air fresheners and respiratory problems

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A study that’s looking into allergies and what causes them is taking place right here in Kingston.

And today, researchers announced some finding that you may find surprising.

The study deals with new mothers and their children.

Researchers found that air fresheners like Febreeze or Scenty’s can actually trigger allergies or asthma in young children – similar to children who are exposed to cigarette smoke at an early age or during pregnancy.

Dr. Anne Ellis: “Self reported symptoms of wheeze, prescription of asthma medications – those sorts of things that the parents have reported to us on the survey. What’s exciting is this is the first publication to come out from the Kingston Allergy Birth Cohort. It’s the first feedback that our families have been able to get terms of the results of the important research they contributed to.”

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