Tick season is upon us

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Tick season is upon us

Gloria Seeley knows what it means to be bitten by a tick.
Last year she went to the hospital to get one removed from her back.
Today she’s hitting the trails with her walking group at Lemoine Point and she’s dressed to protect herself.

Gloria Seeley:
“If you can use spray a little bit if they do come on you and have light coloured clothes, otherwise you might not notice them because they are so tiny.”

Jonna Semple:
“Officials with the KFL&A say that once the temperature climbs above 4 degrees the tick community becomes a lot more active.
In Kingston alone 1 in 3 ticks carry the bacteria that causes Lime Disease.”

Natalie Lalonde —KFL&A Public Health Nurse, Communicable Disease team
“Kingston is a hot spot for Ticks and Lime Disease. We now have about 35 percent of Ticks carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease which is actually quite a high number. ”

In 2015 Kingston had 59 confirmed cases of Lyme Disease.
The ticks like to feed and breed in tall grass, gardens and forests… and not just in places like Lemoine Point.

Diane Quigley – Lyme Kingston
“The birds are bringing it into our yards, the mice are bringing it into our yards. Our pets are coming in with the ticks. So we really have to become aware of the possibility.

Ken Davies says he finds ticks on his dog Skitter after most walks at Lemoine.

Ken Davies:
“Yes, there are lots of ticks here, particularly in the areas where the deer roam which is around the Eastern part around the airport.”

In Kingston only the Black Legged Tick carries Lyme Disease bacteria.

Natalie Lalonde:
Just be aware, stay in the center of the trail, wear bug spray with DEET in it, it can help to repel ticks. And then the most important thing is doing a full body tick check when they get home.”

Good advice to know when strolling through parks like this one — where ticks come with the territory.
Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston

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