Fastball League’s Merge

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It was a move that only made sense…..the Loughborough Fastball League was on the verge of folding…so in an effort to keep the sport alive—the 4-remaining teams—Sydenham–Enterprise and the Napanee Bantam’s and Midgets have decided to amalgamate with the Kingston Men’s Fastball League…

Brad Ethier/President Kingston Mens League

“I put it out to the rest of the league–it certainly was’nt a decision that I made–we went with the majority and a majority of the guys certainly welcomed the teams in the expansion–there’s a lot of great ball in this area and watching how things are going—were not getting any younger–I could see some teams folding in the near future and I was concerned about the longevity of ball in this area–as an ex-player who still loves the game but does’nt play anymore I had to do something about it so hence the vote was yes–lets join our league’s”.

Jamie Purdon/Sydenham Merchants

“The league in Kingston had a strong base of six teams and over the winter we held talks that made sense for both groups to join together and form one strong local league that will hopefully benefit all local ball players.”
So its now a 10-team loop with double-headers throughout the week in Napanee and Garrigan Park…while Purdon says its sad to see games in Sydenahm go by the wayside… with the amalgamation—they look forward to some new competition…


“Oh, absolutely–especially the last few years–we’ve had only 4-5 teams so it was repetitive playing the same teams a lot and it can get away from you at times so it is nice to play different teams—guys that I know and have played against–good ball players–good guys so it will be beneficial in the long run to spread it out and play different teams and have a strong base for a league.”

Back to Ethier–who believes the merger will benefit fastball in 2017 and in years to come..


“Absolutely, a lot of great players in this area Doug–past and present and I look at some of those teams that are coming up that don’t have a place to play–I mean I was told..if the Loughborough League folded–it would be the ends of the men’s league and also ball in Napanee and that really upset me to the point that I had to do something about it–so I put it out to the Kingston League and here we are and it looks like were going ahead.”

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